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Cormack Maritima Ltda, and its office in Santos offer International Services for Oil Companies Offshore Supply Vessels (Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels, Platform Supply Vessels, Fast Intervention and Supply Vessels, Accommodation Barges and Crew Boats).

We offer from door to door in all Brazilian Ports with specific logistic for whatever you many need.

Now, we are attending vessels in All Brazilian Territory including Amazon Wild River Ports as well as places where big companies involved in Petroleum, Iron Ore, Industries are involved.

Our capability in attending your vessels and staff has never been seen worldwide as we count of support of the Brazilian Authorities and the needs for your vessel will be fulfilled in all the fastest, cheapest and most capable offers in the Brazilian market.

Now, been Brazil one of the most expanding country in the world. We may offer to new and unknowledge companies which does not recognize very well the Brazilian Market, support and a wide field view for future enterprises, establishing your proper company in Brazil.

We are involved directly with demolition vessels, brokerage of Spare Parts Clearance for all kind of vessels, inspections and all services in and offshore places.

Our business model has been focused on providing on-site services to Oil Companies thus assisting their daily operations with the Offshore Supply Vessels, including VISA V for their crewmembers.

Our view-point is to offer a marriage of convenience to the Oil Companies by offering a constant local support of the vessel operations and to the ship owners by minimizing their risks as well as their costs.

Our main target is to give a 24 hour assistance, service and local support to our clients as well as provide a continuous support to SOS vessels solving bureaucratic paperworks which could last three or more days to be solved.

Presently we have our proper office attacking the recent discovered Santos Oil fields (Pre-Salt), as well as at the State of Rio de Janeiro where a big complex of industries is in development in the (porto do Acu – Port of Acu) and we have been involved directly to directorates arranging specific logistic for new companies coming to Brazil.

Cormack Maritima Ltda, is very expertise in towing operations as well as has specialized engineers who prepares the adequate and legal certificates allowing your vessels leaves from any port of Brazil completely prepared to face open seas abroad while vessel is been towed by an offshore vessel.

We are also involved and we have excellent relationship with Brazilian Navy and other local entities who allow the process of sale and purchase happens without bureaucracies allowing operations takes place in a smooth way.

In the past we were one of the most important agent of LLOYD Brasileiro, Petrobras and other Brazilian companies for such kind of operations.

We visualize always fastness, ability and time when the beginning documents of purchase after the auction takes place privately or in a public way advancing memorandum of agreement, etc facilitating the final time taken for a complete towing and/or purchasing process.


100% Safe and Reliable

Our warranty in the shipping market is our name, and my name is Jorge Cormack, you can check it, by yourself!