Cargo handling

To Discharge: Pet Coke, Met Coke, Coal

Max arrival draft

Allowed at Icoaraci vary depend on dry or rainy season. Anyways pls consider 35ft fw but to be checked on every shipment fixed.

Draft at Icoaraci can be reached upto 37ft fw.

Grabs are necessary and the cost is USD 2.50 p/ton. Fyg they are not available in Belem and for this reason we need to know in advance enable fix with the company the rent of them.

Max air draft

Without Restrictions


Without Restrictions


Without Restrictions


50.000 tns

Discharge rate

5,000 mts/day.

Min hatch size accepted

No restrictions

Method of Discharging:

Ships must be fitted with cranes & grabs. The ship's cranes/grabs must be used for discharging coal at Icoaraci anchorage and the discharge is directly into barges. Ships cranes to be fingered by shore labours. The discharging rate depends on the vessel's cranes/grabs and availability of receivers' barges

Note: "All details above, subject to confirmation"

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